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    Can anyone confirm if the Happy Mondays is going to be the band or just a DJ set? The dummer and guitarist have been doing DJ sets under the name 'Happy Mondays' recently but it looks like Ryder, Bez and rest of the band are not involved. This is a real dissapointment for me if this is the case...

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    nice new happy mondays thread. nice and shiny. pet the rabbits.
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    It'll be the band, don't worry, I just read an interview with Shaun Ryder about this. It was quite hilarious, talking about how he's terrified of coming onstage sober, something he claims to have never done before. Let me see if I can find it and I'll update this with a link.

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    Y'know you talk so fast you're twisting my melon man ......... call the cops!

    I am ridiculously excited to see this band. I was in high school when they went big.

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    I was born a tad too late (and several thousand miles off course) to have enjoyed these guys in their time, but man oh man would I have loved the Madchester scene.

    These guys, the Carpets, hell even more lightweight stuff like Soupdragons and EMF would have been fun as fudge.

    Of course if I had been there I would probably look as chewed up as Shaun does now.
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    Ooops, wrong Mondays thread
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    I really wish there was something between this and Rage... I might have to leave early to get a decent spot.

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