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    We're back for our 8th year as Coachella's best rideshare tool.

    Coachella 2018 weekend 1:

    Coachella 2018 weekend 2:

    Thanks and see you there!

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    Does anyone think adding a 'volunteering' filter would be helpful?

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    Do people usually charge for the rides?
    Bleh bleh bleh.

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    A lot of times people will ask for money for rides, or possibly that the person they're picking up pitch in for gas. Some people are willing to pick people up for free though.

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    Guys, if someone want to start own carpooling business you could take a look at the article how to start a rideshare business and make a rideshare app from scratch to read more about marketing strategy

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    2018 map ready to go!

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    To get to LA you can use Jake's KAR. It launches in a week. It's a lot like air b n b, but for seats in a car.

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    Leaving to LAX from Coachella by 8 pm Sunday April 15th! Have 2 seats available.
    Txt me @9095612219 for further details.

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