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Thread: From LA to Coachella leave Thurs.

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    Default From LA to Coachella leave Thurs.

    Renting a car to drive from LA to Coachella on thursday.. camping all weekend driving back after show... would anyone like to come with me and pitch in on the rental/gas???? hit me back at -
    guaranteed good times!!!!

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    hello, my name is tara. my male companion and i arrive in LAX at about one-thirty pm on thursday.

    if you wouldn't mind picking us up, we could pitch in on rental and gas, and maybe whatever comes up along the way.
    after the concert, he and i were planning on hitch-hiking up to san fransisco.

    tell me about yourself {and if the offer is still open}!


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    Default Re: From LA to Coachella leave Thurs.

    Hey, I sent you an email.
    I get into LAX at 6pm on Thursday. If that fits with your schedule, lemme know! I've definitely got gas money for you.


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