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Thread: Meeting New People?

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    Red face Meeting New People?

    I'm curious on how the crowd is at girlfriend keeps bugging me to go? I haven't been before but I like a good sense of balance and good vibes. How is it if anyone can tell me???

    I also love camping I'm hoping that health-wise it isn't too strenuous over there...kinda want to bring someone as a suprise....can it be????

    How is the sanitation? Porta-potties?

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    It's just like going camping in the forest, except you can drive out to a 7-11 when you need smokes/beer/etc.

    Half the crowd is on uppers so they're usually nice, or oblivious to everything. Depends on the crowd per show, but usually there aren't many fights.
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    the electronic /dance tent( i foget what its called..sahara) is the place to go to mellow out,listen and people watch. Lalso to talk with your fellow festival attendees.
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    i went with my girlfriend in '03. there are sooo many cute girls by themselves that i wished i was single. you will too.

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