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Thread: Any gay guys want a ride?

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    Default Any gay guys want a ride?

    Looks like I am going solo. Driving from Hollywood Thursday afternoon, returning Monday. Staying in Palm Springs alone at one of the gay resorts. Can either offer a ride all the way from L.A., or just to/from Palm Springs on any given day. Would like to meet other friendly, easy-going gay guys who need a ride, and maybe even hang out at the festival if we seem to have the same musical interests. Or, if you wanna check out the gay danceclubs in Palm Springs at nite, I'd be down for that too. Or, if you have a ride and just wanna hang at the festival, that's cool too. I'm 33, Asian, 6'3", nice gym bod, if you care. I can send a pic if you reply. Let me know a little bit about yourself and some stats. Just wanna make sure we are compatible enough to get along for the ride.

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    Default Re: Any gay guys want a ride?

    Quote Originally Posted by raytrade View Post
    I'm 33, Asian, 6'3", nice gym bod, if you care.
    Should we care?
    Quote Originally Posted by SepaGroove View Post
    You shouldn't feel uncool for not going to EDC, you should feel uncool because you are uncool.

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    Default Re: Any gay guys want a ride?

    A moustache ride?
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