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Thread: I am selling Coachella tickets/Camping

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    Default I am selling Coachella tickets/Camping

    I having a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ticket + a camping pass for campground A. I bought these tickets less than a month ago but my friend can't afford to go now. I bought these tickets at Megan's Tickets for $1200 and the camping pass for $375. I am just trying to get my money back, but am willing to sell each ticket for $300 and the camping for $200. I will sell them all as a package for $1100. I am willing to meet anywhere in Orange County before Thursday. Call if interested


    or email me at

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    Default Re: I am selling Coachella tickets/Camping

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahaha


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    Default Re: I am selling Coachella tickets/Camping

    I'll give you $1500 for them - you stupid b*tch...

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    no wait, Ill give you $1550. I think face value is $1600, so you only lose $50 bucks

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