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Thread: Sturgill Simpson

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    Default Re: Sturgill Simpson

    Quote Originally Posted by GuyInTucson View Post
    Yet, here you are, right here debating with a middle aged loser. Your future does not bode well, considering you have posted waaaaay more than I did when I first joined the board.
    That's the nice thing about being old - I can't be called a middle-aged loser on this board.

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    Every mornin' when I rise.....
    Look in the mirror, and despise
    The sight of everythin' and all that I've become
    The level of my medicatin' some might find intimidatin'
    But that's alriiiiiight it don't bother me noooooooone

    9/6: The War on Drugs, Land of Talk @ The Paramount

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    Default Re: Sturgill Simpson

    *snaps fingers*
    Well done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guedita View Post
    Sturgill Simpson isn't pop country. He's mostly the anti-thesis of what's dominated the bro-country airwaves for almost a decade now.
    I assumed from Slugworth's use of the phrase "pop country" that he had developed his dislike of Sturgill Simpson without actually hearing him. It's so much easier and a whole lot quicker to develop an opinion on music when you don't waste time actually listening to it.

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    Default Re: Sturgill Simpson

    What I caught of the youtube broadcast last night was solid. I'm so stoked.

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    Default Re: Sturgill Simpson

    Loving his lyrics too. Not your average country song:

    I've seen Jesus play with flames in a lake of fire that I was standing in
    Met the devil in Seattle and spent 9 months inside the lions den
    Met Buddha yet another time and he showed me a glowing light within
    But I swear that God is there every time I glare in the eyes of my best friend
    Says my son it's all been done and someday yer gonna wake up old and gray
    So go and try to have some fun showing warmth to everyone
    You meet and greet and cheat along the way

    There's a gateway in our mind that leads somewhere out there beyond this plane
    Where reptile aliens made of light cut you open and pull out all your pain
    Tell me how you make illegal something that we all make in our brain
    Some say you might go crazy but then again it might make you go sane

    Every time I take a look inside inside that old and fabled book
    I'm blinded and reminded of the pain caused by some old man in the sky
    Marijuana, LSD, psilocybin, and DMT they all changed the way I see
    But love's the only thing that ever saved my life

    So don't waste your mind on nursery rhymes
    Or fairy tales of blood and wine
    It's turtles all the way down the line
    So to each their own til' we go home
    To other realms our souls must roam
    To and through the myth that we all call space and time
    Let's go on a livin' spree!

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    Default Re: Sturgill Simpson

    Seeing him at Buck Owens Crystal Palace Sat. Fuckkkkk yessssss!

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    Sturgill posted his "absolute favorite show review of all time..from a silly little piece of nazi shit" on twitter the other day and it is incredible.

    *Warning - before clicking you should know that this is some ultra-conservative white nationalist type website*

    A Kinist Concert Review of Sturgill Simpson in Spokane
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    This ain't no middle of the mall shit.

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