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Thread: Can't find Pre-Sale Tix!? HELP!?

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    Default Can't find Pre-Sale Tix!? HELP!?

    OK, I've looked everywhere and I can't find WHERE/what web site to buy the Pre-Sale tix. I thought it was selling at TM but can't find the pre-sale link! p.s. I've even got the password but no place to use it. I feel like an idiot... :-/ Please help. Many thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Can't find Pre-Sale Tix!? HELP!?

    There is a TM presale on Thursday from 10AM to 10PM PST. The password has yet to be sent out as far as I know.

    At the TM website do a search for coachella. That should get you there.
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    Default Re: Can't find Pre-Sale Tix!? HELP!?

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I have looked at TM and of course found Coachella but no link for the pre-sale which it advertizes on the site! I am a member of the Coachella Community but when I sign in at Coachella.ducatking they say the sale is over. I'm so freaking confused. BTW, I'm also signed up at KROQ. What the ****?

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    Default Re: Can't find Pre-Sale Tix!? HELP!?

    I figured it out. Thanks for the help everyone!

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    Default Re: Can't find Pre-Sale Tix!? HELP!?

    Yeah, not the toughest thing to figure out......

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