hey it seems like anything that goes is posted here, so I thought I would throw in a new thread for us Woodstock 99 gang since there seems to be a lot of people that went there .... I have been to quite a few festivals, the roo, Coachella, vegoose, Wakarusa and 10x's that in one or two day festivals (lollapalooza, ozz fest, the bridge benefit, etc) but one that always stays in my mind is WS 99 ... I went to the original WS (now that was fun and memorable also ) (missed the middle one with Trent) and there is no festival that was worse then WS 99 .... 12 buck burritos, 4 buck water, 3 days on the tarmac of the air force base in blazing heat, the riots of course and the burning of semi's and vendor booths ... took hours and hours to get into (never tried to leave except when it was over) .... didn't notice cops too much on the inside but they were all over the outside .... boy did it suck ... and one of the best times I have ever had .... I forget the exact order, but it was like bisket, then someone, then rage, and all hell broke loose by then .... I was about halfway back in the middle of the bowl, and talk about memories of that time .... remember the pee lake, also known as the f..... lake, the reported rapes ... the crowding ... now that's what makes a time you cant forget .... sure Coachella is near perfect in some respects, if you want to go to Disneyland but for times you wont soon forget, WS 1, and WS 99 was off the hook ... here is a pic (not from there) and I still wear my t from the show .... I have quite a few crowd pics, the fences being torn down, the fires and such, but they are all on old style film .... grrrrrrrrr if there are any old souls from those shows, let us know some of your good and bad times there ..... cr******