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Thread: Using a camera on the grounds

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    Default Using a camera on the grounds

    So I plan on taking my camera on the grounds at Coachella to take photos of the bands and my friends and stuff. I have a mid range camera that is not professional so it should be allowed in by security, but it is still a pretty bulky camera. I can't really put it in my pocket when I am in the crowds.

    I'm curious what have people previous years done with their cameras. Have you kept them with you for the shows even with the crowds or do you keep a back pack or fanny pack for it? Please enlighten me.

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    Odds are you have a backpack so I would put it there or if you have a case, to use it since it is kind of big. Do you have a carrying strap with it? I have 2 small point and shoots and I have them in my backpack but in spots where I can get to them easy. Same thing with my spare batteries/memory I put them in pockets I can get to if I need to change really fast.

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