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Thread: Taxis?

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    Default Taxis?

    Just wondering what kind of prices taxis are in LA? I'm looking to go from LAX to a supermarket (there's a Wal-Mart in Crenshaw, but if anyone knows a more convenient one please let me know) and then from there to the downtown Greyhound stop.

    Also might be getting a taxi from the Indio stop to the polo fields, how easy/hard is it gonna be to find one at about 10pm?

    Any help with anything above would be greatly appreciated as I'm travelling alone, thanks.
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    Default Re: Taxis?

    look up some numbers to taxi companies on google so when you get into indio you can give them a call just in case there aren't any waiting at the station. getting a cab shouldn't be too hard, imo, though.

    found this on the fodor's travel site through google:

    By Taxi
    Don't even try to hail a cab on the street in Los Angeles. Instead, phone one of the many taxi companies. The metered rate is $2 per mile, plus a $2 per-fare charge. Taxi rides from LAX have an additional $2.50 surcharge. Be aware that distances between sights in L.A. are vast, so cab fares add up quickly. One relative bargain, though: for a $4 flat fare, up to four passengers may use a taxi to visit downtown attractions within the "One Fare Zone," which is bounded by the Harbor Freeway (I-110) to the west, Main Street to the east, Pico Boulevard to the south, and the Hollywood Freeway (U.S. 101) to the north.
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    Default Re: Taxis?

    I believe is better if you catch a taxi around the venue or if you try to go to a walmart, vons, raphs or any supermarket around. Check online, it's gonna be cheaper for you, and probably you might find a ride.

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    Default Re: Taxis?

    i would suggest calling them and asking for an estimate to go from A to B (have addresses handy).

    for coachella there is a list of local taxi companies on the website.

    good luck
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