Join us as we present NiT GRiT and Wick-it the Instigator in Los Angeles at King King on September 18th! They will be joined by Frank Royal. Tickets go on sale this Friday.

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-- About the Artists --


Staking his claim on an otherwise untapped fusion between soulful, heartfelt composition and earth-shattering sound-design, Danny Beall aka NiT GriT has long been a uniquely identifiable figure in the North American bass music scene. Despite being an inspirational pioneer to the early american Dubstep sound, NiT GriT is never one to rest on his laurels; each and every track he creates feels as if it way meticulously tailored to evoke a new set of emotions. His style encompasses everything from rage-filled bangers to up-lifting, orchestral masterpieces; a perfect example of NiT GriTís tireless quest to capture the full spectrum of human emotion.

Translating effortlessly into his live performance, NiT GriTís diverse and widely accessible style has something wonderful to offer all fans of dance music alike. Deep, moving melodies grip the hearts of his listeners and refuse to let go while thunderous bass-lines threaten to crumble foundations wherever he plays. A veritable titan of bass who gracefully inspires both fear and adoration through music alone, NiT GriT is a producer who has only just begun to scratch the surface of his full artistic potential.


Wick-it the Instigator is a multi-genre DJ and producer known as a breath of fresh air in an otherwise over-crowded EDM scene. His SoundCloud page is one of the top 200 most active pages on the entire site, garnering more then 40,000 followers and over 7 MILLION plays. Impressive numbers like these, which recently landed him at #5 on Billboard's Next Big Sound chart, arenít just a testament to his top-notch production skills, but also his keen ability to build and harness a highly interactive online fan base (1,500+ Facebook Fans added weekly). In 2012, Microsoft recognized that direct audience connection and chose Wick-it to produce a song for their Windows 8/Angry Birds: Star Wars commercial that they blasted to millions of prime-time viewers. With successful headline tours supplemented by huge sets at major festivals, itís obvious his talent and success extend far beyond the studio.

* FRANK ROYAL * (LA only)

The Frank Royal sound sits somewhere between Trap, Future bass, Tropical bass, and Twerk. With his debut Arrival EP jumping to the top 7 of Beatports' Trap / Hip-Hop charts, Royal is delivering world-class dancefloor shaking bass right out of the gate. His original sound brings a motley blend of massive 808s and modulating bass lines to create a series of addictive futuristic trap anthems, Brazilian funk, dancehall, and twerk music. Be ready for a diverse set of mind-melting synths and world rhythms that will dominate future-city dance floors.

-- The Details --

September 18th, 2014

King King
6555 Hollywood Blvd.,
Los Angeles 90028
*entrance is through the parking lot in the back

This event is 21+

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We'll see you on the dance floor soon LOS ANGELES!