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Thread: Front Gate Tickets = Useless

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    Default Front Gate Tickets = Useless

    Does anybody from the Coachella Music Fest company read these forums? If so I hope they read this......

    Please please please please please dump Front Gate Tickets!!!!!

    They are useless, inept, and are ruining the experience for so many people. They just cancelled my presale payment plan purchase for 2 Weekend 1 passes and are keeping the $255 I already put toward the plan. My debit card was lost and I re-entered in the new debit card info onto their website within the allotted 10-day grace period, but it was still rejected because my address didn't match? Doesn't make any sense because my address hasn't changed. Even so, I attempted to resolve the issue with them, even offered to pay the entire remaining balance, but they didn't budge.

    From there I headed over to the Better Business Bureau website to see what their company was like........"C-" rating and 51 complaints filed against them! It amazes me that Coachella is still willing to partner with such a disreputable company. Even LiveNation, with all of their huge fees and crappy events, still manages to get an A-rating with only 21 complaints.

    All of this and I didn't even mention the DISASTER that is the "online waiting room" for passes. Take $15k of your profits and build a decent website! Maybe I'm just getting old, and maybe it's because I've already been to 5 Coachellas, but the hassle of trying to get tickets is almost not even worth going anymore.

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    it sounds like you didnt call front gate and try to resolve it that way.
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    Shut it down.

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