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Thread: (LA) - 07.31 - The Do LaB presents Autograf!

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    Default (LA) - 07.31 - The Do LaB presents Autograf!

    Join us on July 31st as we present the Do LaB debut of Autograf at King King. Tickets are now on sale!

    Get tickets:
    Preview the music:

    -- About the Artists --

    * AUTOGRAF *

    Before the music, there was Future Soup. This was the first creation by Autograf, an eight-foot 500-pound sculpture. It's an obsession with the Future and the limitless possibilities it holds. What started out as a desire to "make art," turned into a curiosity to make music. This curiosity has set the Hype Machine charts ablaze hitting either the #1 or #2 spot five times for Autograf's debut remixes of Marvin Gaye, Pharrell / Daft Punk, Stevie Wonder, French Horn Rebellion & Savoir Adore. In a short period of time, Autograf has gained critical acclaim in the blogosphere being named to Indie Shuffle's annual "Best Remixes" award along with numerous features on ThisSongIsSick, Thump/Vice, Dancing Astronaut, Gotta Dance Dirty, Earmilk and more. With BBC Radio 1 airtime, and over 2 million Soundcloud plays and growing, this new music project is here to stay.

    With all the newfound success for the music, Autograf hasn't lost sight of the desire to make art. "We have some new sculptures in the works, and are also developing a hybrid electronic live show. We're making our own midi-controllers, analog filters and custom digital instruments. For our live shows, we want to create a unique experience for the audience that goes beyond the DJ booth. For our DJ sets, perhaps we'll install our sculptures to make a sort of dance party meets art installation. There's just so much we want to do."

    With no shortage of ideas, where they go is as limitless as their vision for the "Future." One thing is for certain; Autograf is taking their "Future Soup" mantra to heart.

    -- The Details --

    July 31st 2014

    King King
    6555 Hollywood Blvd.,
    Los Angeles 90028
    *entrance is through the parking lot in the back

    This event is 21+

    Get tickets:
    Preview the music:

    We'll see you on the dance floor soon LOS ANGELES!
    ..:: ~The Do LaB ~ ::..
    ..:: ~ ~ ::..

    ..:: ~ Thank you for making Lightning in a Bottle 2013 our greatest adventure yet! ~ ::..

    ..:: ~ ~ ::..

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    Default Re: (LA) - 07.31 - The Do LaB presents Autograf!

    oh word?
    Lucidity, come back to me. Put all five senses back to where they're meant to be.

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