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    I'm planning on going to weekend 1 with my sister, don't have a ticket yet but I have faith..
    We're only gonna be in California for vacation and we don't have any way to bring camping equipment.. So hotel it is!
    Any recommendations for cool hotels that have some kind of atmosphere plus not so fancy and expensive like the ones in valley travel?? I just want a place to sleep who will be close to a shuttle line, no need for a resort..


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    best kept hotel secret: Indian Wells Resort Hotel. wait until closer to Coachella for some thrifty rates (walk across the street for Esmeralda shuttle line or down a few doors to Miramonte (on same side of Hwy 111). you can suck me later ...
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    We got a fairly good rate at the Embassy Suites in Palm Desert at the last-minute after a housing rental debacle this year. The "atmosphere" wasn't especially cool -- it's a chain hotel -- but it had a nice courtyard with a pool and a lounge that served free breakfast and happy hour drinks that attracted lots of other laid-back festivalgoers.

    And, though we didn't use it, it is located right next to a shuttle stop and not too bad of a drive to Coachella and/or other Palm Desert amenities.

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