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Thread: Condo Available for Coachella 2015

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    Default Condo Available for Coachella 2015

    I have 1 and 2 bedroom condos available for both weekends. It's a very nice place for an unbeatable price. Includes kitchen, dining room area, living room, porch with gas grill, access to 2 pools, 2 hot tubs and a lazy river.

    1 bedroom fits 4 adults max
    2 bedroom fits 6 adults max

    I'm asking $800 from Thursday to Sunday for 1 bedroom and obviously more for the 2. Private message me if interested or wanting more info.

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    Default Re: Condo Available for Coachella 2015

    I know some people who rented off this site...may help
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    It seems like a great site. That'd be awesome if i could post there as well. Unfortunately, i don't see any other rentals posted. I clicked under almost all of the events and couldn't find a single home/condo for rent...

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    Default Re: Condo Available for Coachella 2015

    How the hell are you able to book a reservation? I can't book anything in April right now at that same resort.
    How many animals can you find in the 2015 Coachella lineup?

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    I have five people in my group but don't want to pay for a two bedroom. Do you think that would be all right? The condo seems very nice and is reasonably priced. How far away would it be from the closest shuttle destination?

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