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Thread: Fave band booking cost

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    Default Fave band booking cost

    Do you have any idea how badly I wanna book jimmie's chicken shack for my office Christmas party???

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    Default Re: Fave band booking cost

    Outdated, inaccurate.
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    Default Re: Fave band booking cost

    I used to be able to access billboard, CMJ and a few other sites that had some of this information when I booked shows. I remember sharing lots of that info on the board. I'd love to see some of the fees now, especially for bands we booked back in the day.

    I doubt Cursive, Ladytron, or CSS draw much more than they did back in 2006. I guarantee Grizzly Bear makes more than $800 a show now, that Matt and Kim ask for more than $500 and that No Age will play for more than $50 and two vegan meals.
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    Default Re: Fave band booking cost

    I would bet Grizzly Bear charge $25-30,000+ now. Same with Matt & Kim. No Age seems like chill dudes and would probably still take you up on that offer if it was a cool show and not a big festival or something like that.
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    Default Re: Fave band booking cost

    Agreed on Grizzly Bear but I really have no idea.
    I seriously love that story about No Age (assuming you weren't kidding). Reminds me of Flight of the Conchords when they were supposed to get a bowl of soup.

    Bmack, I'm curious, do you just call the booking agent and haggle a price? I'm guessing you have to include transportation, lodging, etc?

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    Default Re: Fave band booking cost

    According to this list, Better Than Ezra can command more per show than Tame Impala. Something's very wrong there.
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    Sunday Night: Boo, I have to go back to my parent's house!
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