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Thread: Buying tickets from Australia! Help out a newbie

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    Talking Buying tickets from Australia! Help out a newbie

    Hey friends,

    I'm planning on making the trip to America for Coachella next year, but am very confused on the ticket process!
    So do tickets go on sale before the line up is announced?

    Also, does accommodation around the area sell out pretty quick?

    When are the rest of the tickets on sale? I know pre-sale was friday, do the rest come on sale soon?


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    Default Re: Buying tickets from Australia! Help out a newbie

    Presale was Friday… Unfortunately, it looks like you missed it.
    The chance to buy tickets again is normally in January, after the lineup is released.
    Also, most hotels have already booked, but I would suggest looking ASAP if you are planning a trip out here for Coachella next year.
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