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    I went to this festival on Saturday and really enjoyed it. The demographic is, well, a little different that Coachella's, to say the least. I think the average age was twice the average age of Coachella's average age. But, there were some fantastic musicians, including a couple of really young ones that were just shredding their Fenders. And, I got to see Statesboro Blues and Midnight Rider for the first time. Great setting at Doheny State Beach, good crowd (especially if burned-out hippies are your thing), you could bring your lawn chair and craft beer that you could walk around with.
    I have been to concerts. I will go to concerts in the future.

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    I was there on Sunday!
    I knew what to expect demographic-wise from word-of-mouth. The craft beer selection was great (Ballast Point, hooray♥).
    Vintage Trouble were a highlight in 2013, so I was stoked to see them again--90 minute set this time. The California Honeydrops were also a lot of fun, and I stuck around for half of the Doobies--to avoid the clusterfuck of getting out of there.
    The Backporch stage was awkwardly small, but it didn't get too crowded.
    The Event Card system was SO STUPID. I get it; it's really efficient for the business as a whole, but from a consumer standpoint, either you wait in line to get your cash back, or they hope you would be too drunk/high/lazy at the end of the night.
    Overall, it was okay. Personally, I can only take so much blues/jazz at once. All that dragging out/improvisation makes me impatient (yeah, I'm really impatient in general). I will only be back if John Fogerty (maybe Steve Miller) headlines again.

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    I went last year with my parents and one of my buddies. We stayed at the campground right next to the venue. It was cool to just get drunk and listen to some dudes shred the guitar and harmonicas all weekend. Not sure how much id actually pay to go but it's a fun little festival.

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    I was tempted to go Sunday for Vintage Trouble & Charles Bradley. $60 tho.
    Quote Originally Posted by TomAz View Post
    Hey here's an idea. You know those people who are desperately poor, down on their luck, uneducated, abused, and generally ill-equipped for life? Let's make fun of them.

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