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Thread: Weekend 1 with Shuttle Pass

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    Default Weekend 1 with Shuttle Pass

    As of now they are still available. Keep refreshing. That being said, can you sell the shuttle passes?

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    Default Re: Weekend 1 with Shuttle Pass

    Yeah, but not at face value. People usually end up selling them for $20-$40 a pop


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    Default Re: Weekend 1 with Shuttle Pass

    Are you sure? It hasn't for me since 11:30. t got in with the Weekend 1 Shuttle pass direct link at about 11:30 after sitting on the standby page for an hour and a half. I proceeded to press "Purchase" and it told me card was declined, which makes no sense since the information was correct and I had more than enough money. Then I pressed again and it took me to a "Page cannot be displayed/server cannot be reached" page but the hyperlink included "/checkout/thankyou.php" or whatever it was.. but the order did NOT go through. So I bought weekend 2 passes out of exasperation.....
    It kept saying 1 or 2 would be available as I refreshed the shuttle pass page but it would never go through after that, it just loads and say that it can't find that quantity (1) lol....and now when I go to the page it says that this event doesn't exist, so where are you going that you see they are still available??

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    Default Re: Weekend 1 with Shuttle Pass

    We are going to be seeing a LOT of shuttle passes this year . . . . they'll probably lose so much value they'll start going for free . . .


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    Default Re: Weekend 1 with Shuttle Pass

    Honestly why the hell do they force us to purchase a shuttle pass when the regular ga tickets sell out? That's an extra $120 per pair for something that most of us don't want or need. I had to buy shuttle passes and I bought car camping, so I obviously don't need the shuttle passes. So for 2015 my cost is already $170 more per set than 2014 because the ga passes went up by $25 each and I had to purchase the shuttle passes. wtf front gate. At least I'm happy I got passes as all, since I didn't see the cheat links...

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    Default Re: Weekend 1 with Shuttle Pass

    Because the city says they have to sell a certain amount.

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    Default Re: Weekend 1 with Shuttle Pass

    Is the ticket still available?

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