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Thread: No luck on pre-sale this year, now what?

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    Angry No luck on pre-sale this year, now what?

    I'm a first timer. Been up since the early morning waiting for tickets. Get on the website. Wait an HOUR for Weekend 1 passes to find out they're sold out. Bunch of shit. So do I buy them off of Stubhub (do we trust it?) or do I went until December-January to buy? Will they sell out quick in January too? (I'm only interested in Weekend 1 passes) Congrats to whoever got through and did not buy them just to sell them for more!

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    Default Re: No luck on pre-sale this year, now what?

    Yes they will sell out quickly in January too.

    But that's your best option. If that fails then you could go the Travel Package route or a third party vendor, which as you note includes some risk.

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    Default Re: No luck on pre-sale this year, now what?

    If you really want to go, why not purchase W2? They're still available from what I'm seeing.

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    Default Re: No luck on pre-sale this year, now what?

    buying during regular sale in January is definitely the best option, if that fails, then it's on to 3rd party vendors. I have a friend who for 2012 and 2013 Coachella bought a ticket last minute on craigslist for lower than face value. Not sure if that would have worked for 2014 or not, since it seemed like tickets were a hot commodity this year. So if you strike out during the regular sale, you could try that route. Also, generally weekend 2 always has less demand for tickets than weekend 1.

    As for me, I will say this presale was the most stress that I've ever had buying a Coachella ticket. The site had a problem with my credit card, but luckily it accepted a different one of mine.
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