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Thread: Lot 10 Campers--Need Your Help

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    Default Lot 10 Campers--Need Your Help

    So we're trying to put together an overhead map of each campground using some aerial photos we got from a helicopter, but the actual pictures aren't matching up with the street numbers in the festival map. It claims that Lot 10 had streets 121-140, but actually looking at the rows there just aren't that many.

    Did anybody camp in/around St 121 or near the end by St 140 and can help me figure out what is wrong here? What was the last street in the line? Where is the attached file off, count-wise?

    Note--it's a big image, so I attached it--you'll likely have to zoom in to actually see the street signs. Lot10.jpg
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    Default Re: Lot 10 Campers--Need Your Help

    I camped there but I can't see the street signs on your picture. I camped with my kids outside of the streets along one of the sides.
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    Default Re: Lot 10 Campers--Need Your Help

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