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Thread: Things That Floridians Do

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    Default Things That Floridians Do

    It seems like every day a person from Florida makes the news for something stupid. Here's a couple from the last 24 hours

    Teen in "Me Driving Like an Idiot" Video Charged With Reckless Driving

    "This dude is actually trying to marry his porn-filled computer"
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    is Beyonce playing on both weekends? i'm confuse and i need to know before i purchase my ticket please. thank you.

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    Default Re: Things That Floridians Do

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    Default Re: Things That Floridians Do

    I remember the days when water was free and porn cost money.

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    Default Re: Things That Floridians Do

    No need for further discussion.

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    Default Re: Things That Floridians Do

    No worries, they'll be under water in a few centuries.

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