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Thread: Were you "Coachella adopted?" Was it successful? :)

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    Default Were you "Coachella adopted?" Was it successful? :)

    My friend told me in January that she couldn't go anymore. I had to resort to the forum. A group from LA found me a few days after I posted a thread. We skyped (which I totally recommend), added each other on FB, started a group page, and group texted almost every day starting a few weeks before we went. We found a beautiful condo in a gated community in La Quinta.

    They picked me up from LAX and we were off! We went to a party the night before and hit it off like we already knew each other! The whole weekend felt like I was living in a dream. I am definitely going back next year! It was everything I expected and more!

    Unfortunately, I missed my flight because of traffic, but they let me stay at their place and we had a great night!

    If you're questioning about whether or not to go by yourself, I'm not saying you shouldn't, but you should at least try to find a group (especially if this is your first Coachella). I have made wonderful friends and met a lot of people

    Be very cautious, though. I recommend skyping right away and if you can, try to meet up with them beforehand.

    Were you "Coachella adopted?" Was it successful? Was it not successful?

    Molly, Greg, Tim, and Mike... Thank you!
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    Default Re: Were you "Coachella adopted?" Was it successful? :)

    We adopted an adorable Aussie this year.

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    Default Re: Were you "Coachella adopted?" Was it successful? :)

    I do the adopting. Out of 7 years of doing it I only had one bad apple. I have the best luck with internationals - Adelaide and Buenos Aires included. All met from this board.

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    Default Re: Were you "Coachella adopted?" Was it successful? :)

    Me and my friend didn't have anywhere to stay until the Wednesday before the festival. We found a mutual friend who found her ticket last minute but had no ride to Coachella. We gave her a ride, she let us use one of their Cohuila spots and it was awesome. Made some great friends who we plan on doing Coachella with every year from now on.

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    Default Re: Were you "Coachella adopted?" Was it successful? :)

    my first year (2009) I was driving solo but some aussies needed a ride so I gave them one. they basically used me for a ride and never talked to them the entire weekend. i''ll never trust an aussie again. one gal let her perfume in my car and even had audacity to ask me to ship to back to Australia. i threw it in the trash.

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    Default Re: Were you "Coachella adopted?" Was it successful? :)

    All Australians need to die . True story bro
    Spicy pie is mainstream shit.

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