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Thread: Security Personnel Incompetence

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    one security guard asked me to open my pack of cigarettes. I completely forgot it was full of joints, So i opened them with out hesitation. The guard looked at my joints, looked at me and said "have fun ". Security was cool this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bullcat View Post

    Also on the Saturday of weekend 2, we were walking to the gates before they opened and were stopped several hundred yards away and were not allowed to walk any further. After waiting for several minutes someone asked what was going on and the staff members response with "Well the gates don't open until 11 so it doesn't matter if I let you go or not." Yes that is true but it was as rude and unnecessary. I also assume that this didn't coming from Goldenvoice either as we were allows to walk up to the gates prior to them opening on Sunday.
    Is it possible they use a completely different security crew for weekend 2? Weekend 1 everything seemed under control. We were allowed to sit in the grass at the gates until just before opening time. Weekend 2 they stopped us and we had to wait in the dirt near the port-a-potties, with what appeared to be every single vehicle in use going by on the dirt road, sending clouds of dust and exhaust up each time. I do not even want to know why it was necessary to carry loads of dirt into the festival grounds... Also, since everything was already set up from weekend 1, why all the last minute activity?

    They managed to juggle pedestrian and vehicle traffic just fine weekend 1--what happened? If they are worried they should have a fence separating the gates for people and the entrance for motor traffic. Problem solved.

    This is not the first time this has happened, by the way.

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    I attended Coachella for the first time weekend 1. Did the Farris wheel first and then walked to main stage, Outdoor theater, and to Sahara tent. Then to go Tast some Craft Beers, Get Sprayed with a Hose, and then Yuma House. I then left to my RV Park and came back. Then I helped all the Veterans find their Path.
    Also, my friend from CSUSB worked security second weekend and for Stage Coach, but he did not work security weekend 1.

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    Umbrellas are my pet peeve for Coachella security... My wife ends up buying one every year because we don't want to risk them not letting us bring one in. They haven't been on the not-allowed list for the last few years but it just depends on who is working security. Generally, the last 3 or 4 years in a row we buy one at the general store and then at the end of each day we take it back to them and they will put our name on it and hold it for the night. Even they thought it was lame that you can buy one inside but sometimes as soon as you take it out, you're not allowed to bring it back in. my wife uses it to shade herself from the sun.

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    your wife uses the umbrella to shade herself from the sun?

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