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Thread: Hotel experiences.

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    Question Hotel experiences.

    Hey, guys. I know most of the discussion around here is about the camp, but since I'm pretty sure camping in the desert is not for me, I want to know more about the Valley Music Travel hotel packages.
    I have never attended Coachella before and I'm studying the best way to combine comfort and fun.

    -Do you recommend Valley Music Travel options at all?
    -Are there parties at the hotels? Which hotels have the best parties? Are they included in the package, or do we need to keep an eye out for tickets?
    -How reliable are the shuttles? How long do you have to wait for them, and how long does it take from the hotel to the festival?
    -Do artists sometimes stay at those? It would be awesome to bump into someone!
    -What kind of people should we expect? Is it possible to make friends?
    -What kind of room should we expect? Are the amenities and comfort worth it, in comparison to other hotels around?
    -Does VIP admission change anything at the hotel? Because at the festival, the benefits seems questionable... do you recommend it? Should we just go GA?
    -Are meals, or at least breakfast, complimentary?

    What can you tell me about the general experience you had, the pros and cons, that kind of thing?

    Thank you very much for your help!

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    I've booked through Valley Music Travel the last 4 years.

    I definitely recommend it. We booked La Quinta in 2011, 2013 and this year W1. In 2012 we booked Renaissance, it was nice but I prefer La Quinta.
    I have no idea about parties but they aren't included in the packages.
    It was easy to fellow Coachella folks at the hotel. La Quinta had several of us groups in the same section so we would talk and usually you can meet people while waiting for the shuttle.
    The Shuttles are great, yellow line was good. We only had 1 weird experience in 2012 on the 1st night. Everything else was pretty easy.
    VIP doesn't change anything at the hotel.
    In my experience meals were not included.

    The only negative feedback about the travel packages was the way they structured them this year. You couldn't include Thursday night in your travel package and you couldn't pick up your wristbands until Friday AM (at least this was the case for La Quinta). Aside from that everything is very easy. You book your travel package, you show up with ID, you check in and everything is pretty much set for you. Even though we couldn't include Thursday night this year, we were able to book it separately and VMT was kind enough to link the thursday night with our package so we didn't have to change rooms.

    I hope this helps!
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    Default Re: Hotel experiences.

    i travel Alabama for weaks ago. i enjoyed 1 hotel in Alabama.

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    Default Re: Hotel experiences.

    Good to know.
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    Default Re: Hotel experiences.

    That is such a curious post. It's not trying to advertise anything. I wonder what the hell that is.
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    Default Re: Hotel experiences.

    I think s/he may be ESL.
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