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    many festivals, first year at coachella.

    hanging with friends is cool,obviously. But when they are sitting around not knowing what to do & see is utterly fucking annoying. its even worse when "its too hot to go in, lets wait till 3pm". Fuck that. Took the pinball route on Sunday and covered 12 sets. Sitting on the grass by yourself is also a magnet for chicks/people that want to sell & offer you drugs/photo ops with people and even "Happy coachella" kisses.


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    Your experience and others will be totally different. Some people don't want to go alone, so leave them be
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    I never go with anyone. I live 2 miles from the event, so people always want to come stay at my house, I say that's fine but lets be clear... I leave at 10:30 or so and I don't wanna hang out while we are there. If you wanna hang out, stay a few extra days

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    I go with my friends but they always want to go in after 3pm. I don't get that. Why come all this way and spend all that money to sit in a hotel room/condo?
    Since the advent of the shuttles, problem solved. I take the early shuttle and spend the first couple hours alone wandering around and doing whatever I feel like, then I meet up with my friends around 4. It's the best of both worlds.

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    My friends and I always get there early, and leave at the end each night. Sure, it can be tough on the body spending about 14-15 hours each day walking from stage to stage, but it's only once a year. We are definitely there to see the bands (particularly the new ones), not party. I don't understand those that show up after 3 pm each day, but hey, to each his own. More room for me!
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    i think im buying one ticket this year instead of two, my girl isnt super into it and i spent way too much time worrying about if other people were having a good time this year.

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    Three of us went this year and we'd sometimes hang out, or go our separate ways meeting up later. It's the best way to go. Being leashed to other people is potential for a bad time. We met a group and by Sunday two of the people were all bent out of shape because there was this idea that the group had to stay together. I told them they were grown adults and should be able to do what they want. The response: "I just don't want to upset them if I leave." Whatever.

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