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Thread: Moreno Valley carpool?

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    Default Moreno Valley carpool?

    anyone from Moreno Valley want to carpool? is anyone from Moreno Valley going besides me? yeah i doubt it I'm the only one who knows whats up in moval

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    i bet you no one knows where COLTON is
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    yeah im sure no one does! Colton is okay i think its 951 not 909??

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    I might be down. I'm from Beaumont. None of my friends are going this year, and I've got tickets for all 3 days. I really don't want to go alone, but I will if I have to! lol

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    i want a carpool,
    but i live in riverside, it is 10 minutes away from moreno valley...
    I am interested, send me a PM, please...
    I have a pass for saturday only.

    See you

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    I'm actually just going friday.... I bought the 3 day pass but I needed to sell my other 2 tickets because yeah MORRISSEY is playing southern ca... I needed the cash

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