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    So it's my first Coachella experience, and I am alone this year. I know people say it's easy to make friends at the festival, but for me it's kinda hard for me to just go up to someone or someone else's group and start a conversation like we should be besties. Friday was sadly a bust for me, because I was so focused on the fact that everyone was with their friends/girlfriends/boyfriends. My friends were planning on going but both weekends sold out fairly quickly. My question is. For those who have gone alone, how did you cope? Is there a spot where the loaners all meet and then we pair up based on the acts we wanna see. Trying to make the best of this weekend, and for the time & money invested in this festival, it's too valuable to play it safe/think negatively. Is there anyone that would legitimately wanna meet up & make me feel more comfortable?

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    Never went to coachella alone but don't get down or worried about "the coachella experience." Enjoy the fact that you experiencing one of the best line ups produced in music festival history...enjoy some good music, eat some good food, and watch stupid bros stumble and throw up all over each other. There are many different types of people with many different taste in music; there is no One way to experience coachella.

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    I've gone alone
    Any group hanging out ask 'can I join you guys....'
    They'll all say yes
    Say hi and start hanging out
    Don't focus ur alone...shit ur at the worlds best concert Fest with amazing weather
    When at shows say hi to those around u...'hi I'm (name)' everyone will say hi back to u
    Ask em where they are from...favorite acts they want to see and seen so far.
    Chill and have fun
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    Sure, there are some downsides to being there alone, but the upside is you can see whatever you want whenever you want. Make the best of it!

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