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Thread: Local Indio Carpoolchella

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    If you are within 5 or so miles of 82195 Indio Blvd (Motel 6), I have room in my truck for 2 more. I'm asking for $5, some glass cleaner, and your artistic skills I bought the markers already, so we will come get you, dress up the truck and head to the grounds. My name is John and you can text me at 760-855-5844. We are heading down to the festival at about 10:30.

    Who knows, your time and few dollars could turn into VIP for life?

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    I can help you all with rides this weekend if you wanna do UberX and ditch the truck. Staying at the Motel6 too.

    Just text me at 424-666-8346 if you want request a ride in advance and I can head to you....


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