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Thread: i have a wristband

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    Unhappy i have a wristband

    i've got a spare along with a shuttle pass. HOWEVER, my friend was gonna go but she got sick and couldn't make it. It's HAS been activated in her name. if you want it, it's a risk but let me know and we could work out a deal.

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    I'll pay $200

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    I'm interested! My number is 9253893074

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    we are driving there right now and need a wristband. Please call or text (310) 595-6655. Thanks

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    Can meet you right across the venue at companion parking. I have a friend there looking for a wristband and I'm in the campground. We'll offer face value and invite you for meals and beer all weekend! Very much appreciated 3106507341

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    Hi, Thanks I would like to get tix at your fair price. I'm in car camp now and need one for my girl.i can meet you (714)328-0224

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    Need that ticket I'm in the campground and will pay above face value 3108909969

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    I'm interested. Let me know!

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