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Thread: Anyone use "desert event parking"

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    Default Anyone use "desert event parking"

    Thought I had a companion parking spot for weekend two but it fell through. Any advice for overnight parking. Going to be camping on site just need a spot to put my car. Saw these guys, , but not that much info on the site about cost, only for reservations, and was wondering if anyone's heard of it/used them. Typed on my phone if there's any format errors

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    Not sure, but know Walmart allows people to park over night.

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    Default Re: Anyone use "desert event parking"

    Don't do it.

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    Damn that's ridiculous, thanks for the heads up. Walmart it is

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    Yea - those idiots are the ones who paid for 2 full size billboards and a variety of radio adds.

    They are f'n stupid

    Parking is free at the venue or you can dump your car at Walmart and take a taxi for $20.

    Their billboards are retarded - poor directions and bad info

    Presume they lost a freaking ton of $$$
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    Yep. They dropped their pricing to $10 per vehicle per day.

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