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Thread: Left wristband in Toronto

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    Default Left wristband in Toronto

    I left my wristband in Toronto. I'm in Palm Springs now. Anything I will be able to do?

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    overnight it, cancel it and go to will call, i dunno

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    It's locked in my house in Toronto with no one to get it. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone and if will call will help me. I have proof of activation and proof of identity. Proof of purchase is being emailed to me now. I am heading to will call first thing tomorrow morning regardless was just hoping someone could tell me for sure if they can do anything

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    Default Re: Left wristband in Toronto

    I would go to the Will Call at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden and bring all pertinent documentation.

    They are open pretty late tonight, if it's the same as first weekend.

    Best of luck.
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    Default Re: Left wristband in Toronto

    They should be able to help you with all that documentation. They may charge you $25 or so to replace it.
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    Default Re: Left wristband in Toronto

    They were charging $40 for replacing it at the customer service at the main gate.

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    What everyone else is saying:

    Here are the hours.

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    Overnight shipping

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    Default Re: Left wristband in Toronto

    will call will replace if you are the orig. purchaser

    if not - get someone to overnight it ...not sure where you'd send it, but damn

    piss poor planning on your part
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