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Thread: No number on WK 2 wristband

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    Default No number on WK 2 wristband

    I ordered 2 wristbands along with a car camping pass. Just opened them up to activate them, and saw that 1 of them has no number (completely white on the backside). The other one is completely normal, all the numbers are there. Is this an intentional thing by GV, or am I in for a long wait at the box office tomorrow?

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    did you follow the directions in the box directing you to where you bought passes from if any issues? you may be in for a short wait. think positive.
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    Depends. Did you pay Goldenvoice by Western Union?
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    I bought them directly from GV when tickets went on sale, with a credit card. I'm just surprised I haven't seen anything else like this. Where the number should be is literally blank. Maybe I won a prize or something heh

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