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Thread: Scammed by "Courierpoint"... Please need 1 Weekend 2 pass

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    Unhappy Scammed by "Courierpoint"... Please need 1 Weekend 2 pass

    thought "Amanda McCormick" was legit, linked in, job email, everything....
    Even went through "Courierpoint" aka an identical fraud of the Actual Courierpoint, did my Western Union transfer, now GUNTER JESERER is $800 richer in the UK.

    This would be my FOURTH YEAR OF COACHELLA &
    I already have my camping pass and a companion,
    have all my camping, food everything.........
    It's my best friends first time, like it is actually really meaningful

    Face value - $435 would be amazing even $450, since now I'm using my student loans LOL
    ALSO if someone has an extra campsite, another friend of mine got scammed....

    (805) 791-9211

    I just don't understand what is happened to this generation,
    Happy Coachella?

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    Default Re: Scammed by "Courierpoint"... Please need 1 Weekend 2 pass

    Western Union? You kidding us, right?
    Quote Originally Posted by SepaGroove View Post
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    Default Re: Scammed by "Courierpoint"... Please need 1 Weekend 2 pass

    If you ever have to ask yourself that question, it probably is a scam.

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    Default Re: Scammed by "Courierpoint"... Please need 1 Weekend 2 pass

    Kaylabeaven, I'm truly sorry to hear that you and so many others were scammed this year. There are terrible people out there.
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    Default Re: Scammed by "Courierpoint"... Please need 1 Weekend 2 pass

    Really though,

    You should NEVER wire money to anybody for ANYTHING (unless it is your dying grandmother in Guatemala that needs money for meds).

    Paypal is global....and protects you.
    How many headlines can you make out of the 2016 lineup? i.e. "Young monsters moon strangers for pure horror."

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    Default Re: Scammed by "Courierpoint"... Please need 1 Weekend 2 pass

    can someone wire me some money?
    .................................................. ..............
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