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Thread: Best VMT Hotel Package??

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    In your experience, which VMT Hotel Package is the best? I am planning to purchase one in the coming days/weeks. We are in our mid 20s and would like to stay somewhere with people around the same age? We would also like if pool parties were held or if the hotel really gets into the festival spirit? If all of this could be combined with a 'nice' hotel, then that would be the hotel for us. Any advice/tales of experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have stayed at The Reniassance Palm Springs the last 3 years and I will continue to stay there. But it's not a young crowd at all. So I would say to scratch that one off your list.

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    Although I have not stayed there, I have spent plenty of time hanging out at the Saguaro Hotel. They have a couple of great restaurants on site and are close to a lot of action. This year, the pool party was sponsored by Rolling Stone magazine, so they host quite a party. They are also close to the Ace Hotel, which has one of the best pools in the Palm Springs area.
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    as far as the VMT packages, your best bets for pool parties and youngish crowds will be Sagauro or Hard Rock, though I can't imagine missing out on the festival for these pool parties. I stayed at Esmeralda (Indian Wells) W2 this year and that had a very lively (and youngish) pool scene, though no official parties. I probably am staying there again for W2 next year. hope this helps.
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