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Thread: ATMs and money

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    Default ATMs and money

    Sorry to start another thread about money. But Im leaving monday morning and I just realized I do not have any US cash on hand.
    Down the west coast in general, do all ATMS accept Canadian debit cards? Or do a majority? Or do a minority? Im just curious as to how much I should grab outta my bank account tomorrow.
    Also, do the ATMs at Coachella accept Candian debit cards? If they do, how much is the service charge? I heard someone say its $4 US. Is that true? Or just an exageration?
    Sorry to bother everyone again, but thanks for the help.
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    Default Re: ATMs and money

    I would just get all the cash you can now. Atm fees are $4-6, not sure if they take Canadian atm cards.
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    Default Re: ATMs and money

    Yeah the ATM fees at the Coachella ones will be easily $5. Take all the money you can out now. Well it is like mastercard/visa that sort of thing but tied to your debit card? If it is it should not be a problem at atm machines.

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