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Thread: Looking for camping spot to share

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    Default Looking for camping spot to share

    Hi! A friend and I are looking for a camping spot to share. We got screwed over by the place where we were going to stay at so we're really bummed about that. We're both college students from the bay area and it's our first time to Coachella. We're really excited to see all the acts and will happily contribute to the camp. Message me if you can help!

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    Default Re: Looking for camping spot to share I have tent space available at Thousand Trails campground in Palm Desert. 10mins from Coachella. Clean restrooms, showers and swimming pool. Let me know if interested? Looking for 2 - 4 people to help pitch in. My girlfriend and I will be attending with 2 others. Good vibes. Shuttle service close by. 909-268-6853

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    Are you looking to stay onsite? If not we have room in our backyard for a tent $50.00 a night. We are only 6 miles from the fest. You could use the hall bathroom. There may be others camping too. Putting it all together now. pm me

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    I have a car camping spot gonna get there Thursday bad thing is I have to leave Sunday night but if ur desperate let me know

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    Thank you all for your replies. Your kindness means a lot but we've decided not to go and sold our tickets. Everyone have a great weekend!

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