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Thread: Weak Ass Crowdchella

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    Default Re: Weak Ass Crowdchella

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfbeckett View Post
    This horseshit about "if the artist looks bored on stage, it's the crowd's fault" is like a whole new level of retardation. Like, Jenny McCarthy after suffering major head trauma levels of stupid.

    First of all, I went to many sets this weekend where I only knew one or two songs by the band, and you know what? If the band goes out there and gives it 100%, it doesn't matter whether I know the song, I still end up having a kick ass time. Second, bands, especially huge headliners like Outkast, are getting paid a shit load of money to put on a show. It is not the crowd's responsibility to earn Outkast's paycheck for them. Half-assing your set because you aren't feeling the crowd is fucking amateur hour. Muse played on the worst weather day of the weekend, dust blowing all up in their faces, wind fucking up their sound for anyone who wasn't positioned just right, and on top of that, their lead singer is getting over laryngitis. They still went out there and put on a fucking dynamite show. That is how professional performers behave. Get the fuck out with this "if Outkast seemed bored it was because of the crowd" bullshit. It's their job to energize the crowd, not the other way around.
    As much as I can empathize with an artist who is feeling majorly let down on stage or not feeling it at all, there's a lot to be said for being a professional. Even if it seems like 80% of the crowd is disinterested, play your fucking heart out to the 20% who are there to see you and know your songs by heart and are hoping to get blown away. And maybe you'll convert some of that 80%.
    Quote Originally Posted by guedita View Post
    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to not give a fuck again.

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    Default Re: Weak Ass Crowdchella

    I 100% agree with OP. I saw so many fake bitches at Coachella this year staring at screens 80% of the time. So many self-obsessed people these days and Coachella served as a pretty shocking reminder of it.

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    Default Re: Weak Ass Crowdchella

    I am happy you punched that PUNK! Good for you and your wife, she has a good man by her side. Tip of my hat Sir.

    Just to clarify....CALIFORNIA is huuuuuuge and not all of us are rich spoiled white kids (it is what it is). I have seen them at Weekend Two as well unfortunately but will never allow them to ruin my vibe. Whether is at Coachella, Church, School, or Work there will always be BITCH ass people.

    I am from California and ONLY GO TO WEEKEND TWO. Weekend one is for show and for kids who get their mom and dad to front them the ticket bc its on layaway. Plus weekend two allows for all the bugs to be semi-worked out.

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    Default Re: Weak Ass Crowdchella

    Quote Originally Posted by GuyInTucson View Post
    I punched a guy in the ribs in the Sahara for knocking over my wife, who was using a cane to help her walk because she has MS. He saw her, could have went around her and chose to go through her. I got a clean shot and he looked at me with a stunned, angry look. He just walked away. Fuck that guy and his Sahara bro friends.

    So, you wouldn't have been in a boring crowd with me. I was a magnet for disrespectful bros who had a strong desire to get punched.
    I would like to donate to your rude bro punching crusade... do you accept Paypal?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by captncrzy View Post
    Get over yourself you entitled bitch whore cunt ball.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyInTucson View Post
    This year was NOT more crowded than in 2010. Not even close.
    i'm not getting this either. as someone with mild agoraphobia, i am often keenly aware of the crowds. the only time i felt truly crowded this year was during Fatboy Slim and late Sunday the terrace seemed particularly clogged.

    2010 was nothing but a constant panic attack for me.
    Quote Originally Posted by thewindowliquor View Post
    No. I push you down. Always.

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    Default Re: Weak Ass Crowdchella

    It wasn't more crowded than 2010, but it was also laid out differently. They've made a lot of changes to better accommodate the crowds. But yes, there were more people there than last year.
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    Look, your parenting is yours and Randy's business alone.
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    Default Re: Weak Ass Crowdchella

    Next year: just cold-cock anyone on playing w/ a phone

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    for me personally it had everything to do with the camping neighbors on my right staying up until almost 5AM on thursday, the people two spots away from me partying loudly from 3-7am friday, and the fucking assholes directly behind me who never went to bed at all on saturday because they were on acid or molly or bath salts. the last group, when one of them said to the super loud asshole who sounded like he had an IQ in the double digits (he laughed a lot after he said ANYTHING) that maybe they should keep it down for the neighbors, he responded with "fuck it! they better get used to it because i'm going to be up all night!"

    earplugs can only block so much sound. they didn't even come close to blocking the inane rantings of this poster child for birth control. i had to camp this year out of necessity. never again.
    Debbie Deb 2017 sahara headliner pls

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    Default Re: Weak Ass Crowdchella

    anyone ever see people taking picture/video with tablets? every time i see that shit i always look on the floor for an empty water bottle to throw at it
    Quote Originally Posted by jbergeron View Post
    try taking viagra before the festival. now that's hard.

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    Default Re: Weak Ass Crowdchella

    Too lazy to read the whole thread so I apologize if this has been said. As I was watching the webcast, I was thinking the same exact thing. The crowds were unbelievable tame and just downright bored it seemed. No energy in almost everything I watched.

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    Default Re: Weak Ass Crowdchella

    Quote Originally Posted by thelastgreatman View Post
    Literally the biggest crowd I saw all fucking weekend was for Calvin Harris. That is some sad, sad shit.
    so sad
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    Yes the crowds were just as bad as 2010 unless you want to spend your entire time in the yuma or in the direct vicinity of the terrace. The difference is you can get away from them a bit because there is more open space. Notice the entire lack of larger/non functional art installations? Anything that would have required a fence in years past is gone now to make room for the crowds. If you spent a lot of time close up to one stage you wouldn't have noticed because you expected to be in it. If you tried to be like me, and bounce around multiple stages, then you got a full face of it. The stages are all packed with people shoulder to shoulder way out to the back. Fuck being excited, I can't even fucking move without catching or giving an elbow to someone and I'm not even in the realm of being close to the stage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by roboto View Post
    Outkast was boring as shit , that's their fault.
    Outkast was unprofessional by performing late. Don't blame the crowd for not responding well. They are lucky they did not get boo'ed.

    The BS goes both ways.

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    Default Re: Weak Ass Crowdchella

    coming back from coachella I get on the forum to discuss how awesome the weekend is and how much it sucks going back to real life. But instead of seeing happy people praising so and so artists, you are complaining about your time. You are letting other people affect you. This is a miserable way to live and if you think this way then you will most certainly have a bad time at coachella. This year I had the best mind set I've ever had and sure enough, I had the greatest time. Yes, it was disconcerting seeing smaller crowds for traditionally big bands but I didn't let that affect me. I had a great time and I hope if any of you ever go back next year that you remember you are there to get away from the negativity of the real world and see that life is as beautiful now as it will ever be

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    I feel the exact same as the original poster.
    haven't read all the replies but holy shit...nobody seemed to know any artists music.
    nobody was dancing.
    nobody was vibing or even fucking bobbing their head...just standing there like music wasn't being performed.

    I saw a shit load of sets across a lot of genres and the only energy was for EDM and DJs
    I got a free upgrade to VIP thanks to samsung and enjoyed having it but yeah....what a fucking rip-off for almost double the ticket price.

    you get the amazing rose garden bathrooms. the regular vip bathrooms sucked, eve the trailers. rose garden trailer were fucking swank.
    you get shorter lines for food.
    you get to see celebs until they get the very back where regular VIP isn't allowed.
    that's fucking it.
    most everyone in VIP is a fucking over privelged cali asshole who goes to Coachella both weekends because their parents parents were rich as fuck.
    they don't care about the music but if they aren't at Coachella where were they...cause its the fucking place to be if you're from LA.

    this was my first Coachella, and I personally had the weekend of a lifetime, everything was beyond perfect and then some.
    but the flaws that were present definitely had to be pointed out. whether or not they affected your weekend.

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    Default Re: Weak Ass Crowdchella

    I remember in 2002 they had these 10 ft tall bicycles you could ride around the polo fields. There was sooooo much room to roam freely and without any worry of big crowds. NEVER AGAIN.

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    Default Re: Weak Ass Crowdchella

    in response to attendance questions

    "The proposed Project would allow the Applicant, Coachella Music Festival, LLC/Goldenvoice, LLC, to
    continue to hold the Coachella and Stagecoach Festivals annually in Spring and to hold two additional
    festivals annually in Fall on the grounds of the Empire and Eldorado Polo Clubs and adjacent property
    (Future Festival Site) from 2014 through 2030 each of which would be held over 3 consecutive days. The
    maximum daily All-Inclusive Attendance1 proposed for Future Festivals would be 75,000 persons for two
    of these events (Lower Attendance Festivals) and 99,000 persons for the other three events (Higher
    Attendance Festivals). The Applicant currently anticipates continuing to hold the Coachella Festival, or a
    similar festival, on two consecutive weekends in Spring and the Stagecoach Festival, or a similar festival,
    on the following weekend"

    from the FEIR

    99,000 includes artists, vendors, and attendees
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    Quote Originally Posted by lolswaglol View Post
    I don't see people on the map. somebody please help. does this mean coachella is canceled?
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    I'm fairly convinced you can take over the world with zip ties and duct tape.
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    Default Re: Weak Ass Crowdchella

    Quote Originally Posted by vogina View Post
    What the fuck are you people talking about?
    I'm asking myself the same question.
    '05, '06, '07, '08, '09, '10, '11, '12, '13, '14... '15!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sensuality View Post
    Sounds like a mashup of Benny Benassi, Spice Girls, and feces. I was really hoping for a Paris Hilton DJ set :/
    Quote Originally Posted by malcolmjamalawesome View Post
    Just wait. I bet at the Sigma Chi chapter meeting this Sunday the brothers unanimously vote to do Sahara Semiformal at Weekend 2 2015.
    Quote Originally Posted by thelastgreatman View Post
    I don't think you guys understand how big The Prodigy was to electronic music.

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