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Thread: Traffic on I-10 leaving is a nightmare

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    Default Re: Traffic on I-10 leaving is a nightmare

    It looked as if someone peed on the KFC buffet

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    Default Re: Traffic on I-10 leaving is a nightmare

    Left at 7am this morning, and there was no traffic.

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    Default Re: Traffic on I-10 leaving is a nightmare

    Doesn't sound much different than trying to get to the Main Stage from the Sahara Tent... and the people bitching the most coming from LA... imagine that...
    "Who is this doing this synthetic type of Alpha Beta psychedelic funkin'?"

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    Default Re: Traffic on I-10 leaving is a nightmare

    Thursday afternoon, it took me 5 hours to get from Ventura County to Indio. FIVE. Accident after accident after accident.

    I got much luckier on the way home, though, and I seemed to have missed the worst traffic and only encountered a small fender-bender in Banning. Left a little before 10am on Monday, heard bad stories from friends who left later.

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    Default Re: Traffic on I-10 leaving is a nightmare

    We left the campgrounds at 11am on Monday morning, same as every year.

    However, it took us about three hours just to get to the 215.

    Not sure what happened this year, but I've never been stuck on Jefferson or the 10 for so long.

    Even if it doesn't happen again, I'm definitely planning for it going forward.
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