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Thread: coachella wknd 2 solo

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    HELLLOO ***** I'm deciding to go to Coachella this year solo! Ive been the past five years with friends and loved it and all the great vibes. This year I was supposed to go with my ex but that went to shit and I'm not going to let that ruin my coachella fever. I don't really have anyone else to go with or a place to stay, I am hoping i can find some other solos that would want to meet up or help me find a place to sleep (campsite since I don't have a car to drive to and from venue) I have money,supplies. Im 21 and a positive girl to have around! I am a bit nervous to go alone but I do remember always making friends with randos at coachella! I would prefer to be with some people over the weekend though! let me know...!!

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    Hey I may be able to help you out where are you coming from? I could possibly give you a ride!

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    We are a family 2 blocks from the fest looking to host just girls if you are interested. Spare bedroom. Safe environment. Professionals in our early thirties.

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    also going solo, first timer. tent camping

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    Going solo is super fun, everyone you meet takes care of you, don't be nervous! Have fun!

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    Open to sharing your camp space in exchange for anything? First time going to coachella and going solo! Need a place to stay:/

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