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Thread: Frisbees in the Festival

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    Default Frisbees in the Festival

    I've got LED frisbees and have had a ton of fun tossing them around with people at night at other festivals. I was shocked to read that we couldn't bring flags in like every other festival, so my feeling is they are a lot more strict than most other events.

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    Leave the children's toys at home.
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    You shouldn't feel uncool for not going to EDC, you should feel uncool because you are uncool.

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    too many's not like you'll have a lot of space to toss it. In the unlikely event you over toss it ...hitting some chic or dude in the head who was just walking and having a good time...not cool on any level.
    Just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this…and totally redeem yourself!
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    she should get an abortion then go to chella
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    You people are disgusting for posting this shit on my thread.
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    Some Tron-ass dude at Disney's California Adventure hit me in the face with a glowing deadly disc (AKA Frisbee with LEDs) a while back. It hurt a lot more than you'd expect.

    Now, if the same thing had happened at Coachella with some random dude as opposed to a cast member at DCA, somebody would be getting a knuckle sandwich.

    OK, fine. Some choice words and the frowning of a lifetime!

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