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Thread: Do you need a ride to Coachella?

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    Cool Do you need a ride to Coachella?

    Hi and Welcome Back CoachellaFest Concert Goers!
    Do you need a ride to CoachellaFest? My husband and I have been offering rides for the past 3 years. We are affordable and reliable. We will pick up you from Palm Springs Airport or local hotels and drive you to and from the concert for a small fee. We are way cheaper than a taxi service and we will drop you off right at Coachellafest.
    If you need a ride-Just call Daniel (619) 743-2314 or Deanna (760) 574-5985.

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    Default Re: Do you need a ride to Coachella?

    Are you insured?
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    Default Re: Do you need a ride to Coachella?

    Yes, we have insurance.

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