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Thread: Companion Car Parking Traffic and Details

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    I know there is some pretty intense traffic to get into car camping because of security, but what about companion car parking? Do they have to go through security too or is it much faster? Also my friend bought the car camping pass and I bought a companion parking pass separately. Is this going to cause me some stress because I don't see how they keep track of who is actually camping and therefore allowed to park at companion car parking.

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    they don't check your car but they check your stuff when you come back into the campgrounds. This depends on who you get. We went to the car twice and once they didn't check us at all and the second time they completely checked our bags, looking at names on prescriptions and everything.

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    last time i did companion parking was 2010, clusterfuckchella, where they had volunteers who didnt know anything directing cars, so this info is likely dated. we had companion parking only and we still had to go through the toll/search. whether or not that's changed i don't know. several people have asked this year and i've not seen any definitive answer. plan on going through the toll/search area. after the search they'll scan your passes and direct you to the camping line if you have a camping pass or to the companion lot line if you are doing companion parking. they are both two different directions so keeping track of who is who isn't an issue.

    companion parking passes are not attached to any wristband so you don't need to worry about that. camping passes are attached to the wristband of the person who bought them. so really you just need to make sure that the person driving the camping car (or one of their passengers) is wearing the wristband that came with the camping pass and you're good to go.
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    The companion pass this year (only year I've bought one, so not sure what it was in the past) is a credit card sized pass, just like the shuttle passes. Nothing to scan. On the maps you can see that there's a separate entrance for companion parkers, so I assume those with companion passes head there and either hand over the companion pass or put it on their dash or something. No clue what to expect from the searches, but I'd prepare the same for that as if I were going through the camping security line.

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    Im more concerned with how long Ill have to wait in traffic

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