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Thread: Weekend 2 Set Times tweet

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    Default Weekend 2 Set Times tweet

    I don't ever remember seeing a Tweet re: different set times for both weekends before, which might be a subtle indication that there will be some noticeable changes for set times between both weekends.
    There was the Avicii modification in 2012 and the Blur/ Stone Roses switcheroo last year, but otherwise everything generally stays the same.

    Also of note is that the Pixies and Julian Casablancas are not on the poster on the website yet. Could these be W1 one-off gigs? Other set of surprise acts W2? Nothing for W2?

    This could all be originating from a sense of unsubstantiated paranoia that the Pixies/ Casablancas might not play W2, and that other acts will go from day to night and vice-versa.

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    Default Re: Weekend 2 Set Times tweet

    Daft Punk is coming weekend 2
    Just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this…and totally redeem yourself!
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    Default Re: Weekend 2 Set Times tweet

    ^ all of my thoughts as well. Pixies are playing the Thursday before weekend two at Pappy & Harriet's so there's no reason they wouldn't play weekend two too, right? right???
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    Default Re: Weekend 2 Set Times tweet

    I wouldn't worry. They might just be covering themselves in case of between-week cancellations like Biffy Clyro last year.

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    Default Re: Weekend 2 Set Times tweet

    Referencing from another thread, somebody mentioned Beck in '04 and Kanye in '06 were last-minute adds but weren't added to the poster. I feel slightly better if that was the case.

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    Default Re: Weekend 2 Set Times tweet

    how do you know

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    Go on Weekend 2 and Pixies and Julian are listed, dont worry guys

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    Default Re: Weekend 2 Set Times tweet

    they are listed on the website under "lineup" for both weekends... but their website sucks in that section. you can never save your lineup or anything. so lets just hope its right

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    Default Re: Weekend 2 Set Times tweet

    So... despite the tweet, still no weekend 2 set times?? I WANT TO KNOWWWW
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    Default Re: Weekend 2 Set Times tweet

    wondering the same.. hopefully the hold up is just something minor
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    Default Re: Weekend 2 Set Times tweet

    Tweet last week mentioned it would be released the same time as last week and that was ~6 hours ago.

    I'm thinking there's gotta be some significant reshuffling taken into consideration with the delay.

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