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Thread: NEED 2 WEEKEND 1 PASSES, This will be coachella #5 for me and my girl so we gotta go!

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    Default NEED 2 WEEKEND 1 PASSES, This will be coachella #5 for me and my girl so we gotta go!

    Desperately need 2 weekend 1 passes for me and my girlfriend. I am a coachella veteran and have been going for years and I have not missed one yet so I really don't want to start now. This whole ticket situation is ridiculous this year but hopefully one of you guys can help me out! I am located in orange county but can drive pretty much anywhere in so cal to grab the wristbands if you got them

    Happy Coachella!!

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    Default Re: NEED 2 WEEKEND 1 PASSES, This will be coachella #5 for me and my girl so we gotta

    Selling Coachella weekend one JW Marriott GA Travel Package: ($2447)
    -King bed
    -2 GA Passes
    -2 Shuttle passes
    --> Both of these are on VIP will call per Coachella regulations, and the package can be transferred.

    It costs 100 dollars for the transfer from person to person. Ask and I'll send a pic of my receipt. I paid 2447 and am looking to sell the package at cost. I'm not trying to scam, and refused to be scammed.

    Will accept payment in cash, paypal or direct wire transfer to a bank account, and will transfer after payment per the instructions included below. This transaction feels sketch, so obviously we'll both have to come to terms with it. Am willing to meet at my apartment and do all the copying and exchanging at the same time. I'm in west LA.

    If necessary, willing to drive to indio at the JW and do the whole process in person, then drive back to LA (really, would rather not do this)

    text (925) 487-4844 or email

    Information on transfer:
    "If the original purchaser will not be present to check-in, please have the purchaser contact us to change the check-in name. There is a $100 name transfer fee. Name changes can be made until Thursday, April 3, 2014. After April 3, 2014 name changes can be made during check-in. Please provide our check-in staff with a copy of the original purchaser's ID, a copy (front and back) of the original purchaser's credit card, a copy of the original purchaser's receipt and a signed note authorizing the person picking it up to pick up the order with nothing blacked out on any of those copies. This name change policy is part of the festival's standard policy and is for verification to prevent fraudulent pick ups."

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