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    This is my first year not camping and was wondering if people could tell me about their experiences driving and parking at coachella compared to taking the shuttle. I would be taking the shuttle from Indian Wells Tennis Garden which is a direct stop to Coachella. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Take the shuttle. They have direct access to the shuttle stops and the festival. Depending on how early or late you get there, regulates on where you get to park, which may make leaving a 2-4 hour wait. I guarantee that once you take the shuttle, you'll never drive in again.

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    Shuttle. Indian Wells is the closest shuttle to Coachella. Well worth it. Avoid the drama of getting out at the end of the night.

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    if it is anything like the past few years i'd just pick whatever you prefer and go with that. they've done a great job of eliminating the day parking traffic crunch at the end of the night, mostly because so many people either camp or take the shuttle now. i was in lot 2 all days, both weekends last year and i never had to wait more than a 10 minutes to get onto the roads. the two years before that i did the shuttles which are also great, especially if you don't feel like driving at the end of the day or if you think you may be too "influenced" to drive. out of all the times i've taken the shuttle i've only had one shuttle driver who was a dick and he wasn't THAT bad, just a stickler for rules

    compared to 10 years ago and the 3-5 hour nightmare that was exiting the parking lots, things have come a long way
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