Ok. Heres the thing. We are two very easy going, funny as f*ck, thick as theives (whatever that means), music loving girls that thought we could drive up to Indio Friday, park, PARTY, sleep overnight in the old station wagon style Volvo (who is appropriately named Veronica) and take off the next morning back to the desert. Well we learned THIS CANNOT HAPPEN. The fine people that throw this lovely festival say that NO OVERNIGHT parking is allowed, therefore leaving drunk, retarded and whatever else may be swimming in the systems of "we the people" to drive. Yes drive. But myself and my dearest other have decided to throw a bone in hopes of someone catching it. Anyone who has a camping pass, or who could allow for a car to be parked in their site to give us a "holla" back. We are willing to sell our souls or give you cash. It would be greatly appreciated and I will (or my girlfriend will) even pose in a picture kneeling and kissing your feet.