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    Hello Party People,

    Unfortunately due to work commitments I can only go to the Sunday event.
    So I need a ride to Indio on Sunday morning. Im a 32yo Australian, nonsmoker, no drugs, RATM fan, who desperately wants to see the reunion.
    Im flying in to LAX on Sunday morning (7am) and flying out Monday.
    Im happy to share the driving, and chip in for gas, cost of car hire, etc..

    Anyone going on Sunday only? Coming back late Sunday night or early Monday morning?


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    Smile Re: Sunday only - LAX Indio LAX

    I am going on Sunday only for the same reason. Drop me a line if you haven't found a ride.


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    Doh! I was too slow, thanks for the offer Dee, I wish I had checked back sooner....

    Anyone else? Anyone? Bueller?

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    Im leaving sunday. I could pick u up. email me if u still need a ride.

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    ..and I thought my stay in america was short.. You spent all that money for a DAY ?!
    ...and all these wonderful things will add up to some powerful experience that 10 years from now you’ll say, “Wow, we LIVED!"

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