long story short I wasn't planning on going this year but changed my mind and going to the fest with my girlfriend. I've camped the previous 3 years but this year week 1 GA wristbands plus car camping are going for almost $1000 on secondary market with less than 10 days til the festival. There's no way i'm spending 1000 on one ticket i was able to book a really cheap room in san jancinto which is 35 miles from the shuttle pick up spot in palm springs. I know people already think its crazy to drive to and from the fest from palm springs but thats what i can afford don't feel like camping this year either otherwise i'd search the forum for sharing spots. so my plan is to leave san jacinto around 10 am each morning arrive at palm spring before 11 and catch the shuttle to the polo fields and the same thing coming back after the festival i dont mind getting to our room at 3 in the morning. but what do you guys think is this too bizarre?

(note: during the day at the festival we have friends with a car camp spot but they're full tis the reason why we can't stay with them but we can still freshen up at their site/chill out)